DS Laboratories Men's Hair Loss Set

DS Laboratories Men's Hair Loss Set
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Product details
Brand: DS Laboratories

DS Laboratories Men’s Hair Loss Set contains: - Revita Shampoo® 205ml. Equal parts hair and skin care, Revita revolutionize the functionality of a premium shampoo. This high-tech formulation incorporates amino acids, proteins and botanicals designed to encourage thicker, longer, healthier looking hair. It gently cleanses, strengthens and boosts volume, greatly increasing the performance of both healthy and compromised hair. A breakthrough complex with key actives that includes caffeine and natural ingredients that can enhance thickness and density while helping extend hair lifecycle. Revita is formulated to remove impurities from the scalp while fortifying hair strands from within–resulting in fuller, stronger, healthier looking hair. - Revita Conditioner® 205ml. An advanced formula based on biotechnical research with powerful and luxurious ingredients that include caffeine with keratin, proteins and botanicals that are designed to provide more radiant, thicker-fuller looking hair. It is formulated to support healthy scalp, while providing stimulating and scalp nourishing effects with powerful moisturizing properties that conditions and hydrates for long-lasting moisture, control and style ability. - Spectral.DNC-N® 60ml is developed as a proactive hair serum for men with compromised hair. This revitalizing and anti-aging formula stimulates the hair and scalp while delivering key ingredients for optimum benefits. This high-performance formulation is the most significant technological advancement yet to emerge from DS Laboratories. It offers the exciting breakthrough innovation, Nanoxidil™.