Elgon Amplea Volumizing Spray 200ml

Elgon Amplea Volumizing Spray 200ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair Styling,Volume
Brand: Elgon

Elgon Amplea Volumizing Spray is the balanced conditioner that:- Gives softness, leaving hair light as if just washed for days; - Volumizes and maintains the style hold; - Speeds up drying; - Improves combability with an antistatic effect; - Does not weigh the hair down.It is ideal for fine, medium or coarse hair that needs volume. Ideal for all types of drying methods, whether by hand, with an iron or a blow dryer on any type of hair.Volumizing Spray is also a part of Amplea, a line with Voluhidra Complex®, a complex rich in volumizing substances that bind to the hair and make it thicker, by detaining water molecules.