Ethique Discovery Pack Unscented Trio

Ethique Discovery Pack Unscented Trio
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Product details
Brand: Ethique

Looking to #giveupthebottle but not sure which Ethique products are best for you? Ethique’s Discovery Packs are a great way to test out some of their different products and find your perfect match before committing to the full size. This Discovery Pack contains three unscented minis from Ethique’s skincare and body care range: a pH balanced face cleanser, a soap-free cream body cleanser and an aluminium-free deodorant. Perfect for those sensitive to fragrances and essential oils. Contains three plastic-free minis from Ethique’s award-winning solid body care range for fresh, clean skin. Each mini lasts up to 10 uses. BLISS BAR A soap-free, luxuriously creamy, and gentle face cleanser is created for dry to balanced skin types. If you are a lover of coconut, this face cleanser is for you - and it removes makeup like a dream! UNSCENTED SOLID CREAM BODY CLEANSER Unscented solid cream body cleanser contains hydrating creamed coconut butter and cleansing clay. This bar’s creamy, low-lather formula leaves skin delightfully soft and clean. MINIMALIST Minimalist is Ethique’s unscented deodorant that is formulated with their wonder ingredients are magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide and bamboo, instead of baking soda or aluminium. Jojoba and sweet almond oil also feature for silky smooth underarms. The Ethique Discovery Pack Unscented Trio set contains: - Ethique Bliss Unscented Face Cleanser Bar 15g - Ethique Unscented Solid Cream Body Cleanser Bar 15g - Ethique Minimalist Unscented Deodorant Bar 15g