Feather & Down Magnesium Night Time Collection

Feather & Down Magnesium Night Time Collection
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Brand: Feather & Down

Prepare your body for a peaceful nights sleep with the Magnesium Night Time Collection. Sleep Fact: Magnesium is naturally occurring in our body and has a good impact on the nervous cells in our system. A lack of magnesium can result in sleep problems. Follow this routine to encourage a restful nights sleep. Step 1: Run yourself a relaxing bath and add Feather & Down Magnesium bath Salts with calming Lavender and Chamomile essential oils while the water is running. Soak and Enjoy Step 2: Generously spritz your body with Feather & Down Magnesium Muscle Massage Mist and massage into muscles to relax and repair the area. Step 3: Apply Feather & Down’s Soothing Body Butter onto skin & massage gently into skin until fully absorbed. Step 4: Enjoy a restful nights sleep! This Collection includes: Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Magnesium Sleep Salts (500g) - Enhanced with lavender and chamomile essential oils, let this calming fragrance from our Feather & Down Magnesium Sleep Salts fill your bathroom to help relieve stress and tension encouraging a restful nights sleep. The Feather & Down Soothing Sleep Butter (300ml) is a body moisturiser which is a blend of essential oils in a rich body butter infused with magnesium, this enriched magnesium butter will melt into your skin overnight. Magnesium Muscle Massage Mist from Feather & Down (100ml) - Massaging your body with this unique formulation of magnesium and essential oils will help to relax and ease the tension of tired, aching muscles and it’s calming fragrance encourages sleep.