Gley De Brech - Sensitive Cell Restorer Protection Day Cream, 50Ml

Gley De Brech - Sensitive Cell Restorer Protection Day Cream, 50Ml
Categories: Supplements, Magnesium
Brand: Gley de Brech
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COMPOSITION BOSWELLIA EXTRACT. Prevents skin irritations by blocking the enzymes that cause redde- ning. BORAGE OIL. Ideal for treatment of eczema and allergies. Reduces itch and dryness, and prevents easy descaling of the skin. VEGETABLE SQUALANE. Restores the hydrolipidic barrier and prevents dehydration. COLLAGEN. Plays an important role in keeping skin smooth and firm, as it is the essential component of body proteins. MAGNESIUM ASPARTATE. Active principle with the ability to neutralise the noxious enzy- matic effects of emulgents, preventing the risk of irritation or allergy. Confers an hypoallerge- nic character to the product HYALURONIC ACID. Essential element to keep skin structure naturally moisturised. UVA/U- VB SUN SCREENS: Prevent sun’s noxious effects on the skin. USE Protection day cream. Significant regenerating and anti-ageing effect. Suitable for sensitive and/or couperose skin, even those particularly weakened (following surgery, laser, etc.). APPLICATION Apply in the morning on face, neck and chest, clean well first, perform a massage until com- plete absorption. MAIN STRENGTH Excellent cream that can decongest, soothe and relieve skin, whilst providing sensitive skin with what it needs most: protection against the effects of environmental agents (sun rays, cold, heat, etc.). Moisturises deeply, soothes and improves skin lookout. Dimensions: 9cmx9cmx10cm