Hair Gain Hair Mask 180Ml

Hair Gain Hair Mask 180Ml
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Product details
Brand: Hair Gain

Hair Gain’s one-of-a-kind Hair Mask is scientifically formulated to provide the deepest nourishment and hydration to the hair and scalp. The restorative formula helps to nurture and revitalise the hair from within leading to reduced hair loss, improved hair quality and increased lustre and shine from root to tip. Designed for all hair types and conditions, the hair mask also aids in daily styling choices, with extra protection against heat damage, split ends and colour fading. Leaving your clients with improved hair condition and luscious smelling locks. Benefits - Supports fuller, thicker and stronger hair - Prevents damage from heat and over styling - Reduces hair frizz - Improves hair volume and texture - Reduces splits ends - Prevents hair breakages and colour fading - Provides deep nourishment to the scalp - Contains the exclusive ingredient Ana Gain