Hairburst Womens 35+ Hair Vitamins 60 caps.

Hairburst Womens 35+ Hair Vitamins 60 caps.
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Product details
Brand: Hairburst

We believe the key to gorgeous hair starts from within, which is why Hairburst Hair Vitamins for 35+ are scientifically formulated with a premium blend of vitamins and minerals which help you promote healthy, long and thick hair. Hairburst provides a different approach to hair maintenance, a professional product that works from the inside out. Hairburst hair growth vitamins are clinically tested and contain a large number of natural ingredients, which help to achieve your hairgoals. Hairburst adds all the vital vitamins and nutrients to your body to encourage hair growth. Hairburst helps: - grow longer and stronger hair - improve hair structure and boost elasticity - reduce hair breakage and hair loss - nourish your hair from within - obtain glowing and healthy skin Results can be seen as of 2 weeks - hair and skin will be moisturised and viable.