Healthspan Brain Synergex 28 Day Supply

Healthspan Brain Synergex 28 Day Supply
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Categories: Vitamins,B Vitamins
Brand: Healthspan

What is Brain Synergex? The term synergy, from the Greek word “synergos”, meaning “work together”, is often used by nutritionists when the benefits of combining certain ingredients are greater than the sum of their parts. It’s this philosophy that inspired Healthspan’s team of top nutritionists to create this optimum combination of premium brain-friendly ingredients specially designed to complement each other. Your brain controls virtually everything that goes on in your body, from your memory and thought processes to your muscle movements, breathing, circulation and digestion. So looking after this hard-working organ is, well…a no-brainer. Brain Synergex contains a neuro-vitamin complex with B vitamins, important for various aspects of brain health, including mental performance, psychological function and the working of the nervous system. It also includes the mineral iodine, proven to support cognitive function, and a an improved Opti-Omega 3, featuring a gastro-resistant capsule to reduce acid-reflux and increased levels of highly absorbable omega 3. They also add the potent herb gingko biloba, along with a phospholipid complex, containing phosphatidylserine. Phospholipids form a vital part of human cell membranes, and phosphatidyl serine (a member of the phospholipid family) is mostly prominent in the membranes of brain cells. Why is Healthspan’s better? It’s an optimum combination of carefully chosen ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else. And because Brain Synergex is exclusive to Healthspan, you can be sure of each ingredient’s quality. Their omega 3 fish oil is easily absorbed and purified using a patented process to ensure it’s free from pollutants and saturated fat. It’s also ‘Friend of the Sea’ certified, proving that it’s responsibly sourced. And they use an advanced soy-derived phospholipid complex, plus a high quality ginkgo biloba extract that contains less than 1ppm (parts per million) of ginkgolic acid. Who is this for? They’ve combined two tablets and two capsules in one supplement, specially formulated for anyone who wants to help their brain stay active. Both tablets and both capsules in your daily dose can be taken together at the same time every day. However, for maximum benefits, some nutrients are best taken in the morning and others are best taken at night, as shown in the recommended intake. *The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA.