Healthspan Circulease With 150Mg Of Fruitflow 30 Tablets

Healthspan Circulease With 150Mg Of Fruitflow 30 Tablets
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Product details
Categories: Vitamins,B Vitamins
Brand: Healthspan

What is Circulease? To understand Circulease we first need to tell you about the humble tomato. Imagine cutting a tomato in half. In the yellow jelly you find around the tomato seeds are potent anti-platelet compounds. Problem is, you would have to eat tons of tomatoes to obtain their benefit! That’s why Healthspan created Circulease, an advanced formulation that contains Fruitflow II, a patented ingredient derived from the seeds of tomatoes, clinically proven to support normal platelet aggregation, which leads to a healthy blood flow. Blood platelets can become ‘spiky’, sticking together and forming clots. Fruitflow maintains your blood platelets’ smoothness and prevents them from sticking. Why choose Healthspan’s Circulease tablets? Their advanced formulation provides natural support for a healthy blood flow and cardiac function. Unique to Healthspan, Circulease not only contains Fruitflow to help your platelets travel more easily through your blood vessels, but it also contains B vitamins and potassium to support your heart function and contribute to normal blood pressure. A healthy blood pressure plays a key role in the function of a healthy circulatory system.