Healthspan Multivitality Daily Essentials Complete 28 Day Supply

Healthspan Multivitality Daily Essentials Complete 28 Day Supply
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Product details
Brand: Healthspan

New and improved formulation Please note, the formulation for this product has been improved. The live cultures tablet within now contains an improved selection of well-researched strains, while the multivitamin now contains a vegan form of vitamin D. Due to this change, the multivitamin tablet has now changed to a red colour. What is MultiVitality Daily Essentials Complete? It’s a smart trio that provides a convenient way to help safeguard your nutritional needs. Multivitamin, omega 3 fish oil and digestive live cultures are three essential supplements widely recommended by nutrition experts. Even the most health-conscious among us sometimes skip meals, eat on the go or resort to convenience food. Missing out on key nutrients can leave us feeling tired and susceptible to infection. That’s why Healthspan have combined three daily essentials in one pack: A multivitamin tablet that contains the full-spectrum of vitamins and minerals we all need for good health, helping support all major aspects of health - from heart, brain and immunity to eyes, bones, teeth, skin, blood and overall energy. It also includes an omega 3 fish oil capsule that contains beneficial levels of the long-chain fatty acids DHA and EPA, which have a wide range of scientifically proven health benefits, and research shows they help keep our hearts, brains and eyes functioning healthily*. Finally, it includes a capsule that contains five billion live ‘friendly’ bacteria from three carefully selected strains, to join the protective bacteria already present in your gut. They’ve also added vitamin B12, which helps support your immune health. Why is Healthspan’s better? They’ve combined three of the most important supplements needed for good health into one single pack, which is delivered in handy tear strips for your convenience. There’s an A to Z multivitamin to safeguard your nutrition; a highly distilled and sustainably sourced fish oil to support your heart health, and a blend of five billion live cultures to help maintain the protective intestinal microflora of your digestive system. Who is this for? It’s perfect for anyone who wants comprehensive nutritional support, all in one pack. *The beneficial effect for brain and eyes is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA. The beneficial effect for the heart is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of EPA and DHA.