Healthspan Osteo Complete 240 Tablets

Healthspan Osteo Complete 240 Tablets
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Brand: Healthspan

What is Osteo Complete? It’s a premium combination of nutrients, specially formulated to support bone and muscle health. It includes calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, zinc, boron and copper which work together to help maintain your musculoskeletal system, which supports the body and its movements. Vitamin D3 is crucial for the absorption of calcium. These nutrients are needed not just for strong bones and teeth but for healthy muscle function too. Magnesium and zinc have the added benefit of contributing to normal protein synthesis, while copper helps maintain connective tissues. Low levels of these nutrients can put us at risk of bone pain, fractures and other health problems. Why is Healthspan’s better? They’ve created a balanced blend of nutrients that provide premium support to your bones, teeth and muscles. Each tasty vanilla-flavoured tablet can be chewed or swallow whole with water. Who is this for? It’s for anyone looking for premium bone-friendly nutrients to support the health of their teeth, bones and muscles. Their vegetarian chewable tablets also are ideal for those who dislike swallowing tablets.