HH Simonsen Aloha Beach Spray Texturizer 125ml

HH Simonsen Aloha Beach Spray Texturizer 125ml
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Product details
Brand: HH Simonsen

With HH Simonsen Aloha Beach Spray creates a fresh-from-the-waves look. Ah, nothing compares to a day at the beach; the warmth, the sun on your skin and the salt water in your hair. And what a texture that salty water adds to your hair; making it look so cool and urban! With HH Simonsen’s Beach Spray Texturizer, you’ll experience that same special Bondi Beach look - without ever setting foot in the sand. In addition to adding a catwalk texture to flat and lifeless strands, it enriches your hair with nourishing oils and vitamins that leave the hair stronger and healthier. And if you can’t stay away from the sun, UVA-protective agents protects your dyed hair against natural fading.Imitates the effect of salt water on hairCreates a summery lookEnriched with macadamia oilsPacked with UVA-protective agentsLeaves hair smooth