Holika Holika Honey Royalactin Serum Mist 120ml

Holika Holika Honey Royalactin Serum Mist 120ml
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Product details
Brand: Holika Holika

Benefits: Moisturizes with Triple Hydro Enhancer™ Provides radiance Balances the skin Has brightening and wrinkle improvement propertiesTwo-layered serum spray with honey and royal jelly extract restores the lipid balance of the skin. The presence of vegetable oils moisturizes the skin, while the addition of honey nourishes it. Gentle spray with many active ingredients - soothes, refreshes, gives the skin a healthy glow. Honey enhances skin immunity, has anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial properties, has a soothing effect, maintains moisture and nourishes the skin. Royal jelly is considered an elixir that gives vitality and energy to the body. In cosmetics, it acts as a strong anti-aging and lifting agent. Contains over 45 kinds of nutrients such as protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The protein in royal jelly inhibits the growth of bacteria and protects the skin from free radicals, it also induces collagen synthesis, which in the process increases skin’s elasticity.