I.C.O.N. Hydration Free Conditioner 250ml

I.C.O.N. Hydration Free Conditioner 250ml
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Product details
Brand: I.C.O.N.

De-stress with this lightweight rinse-out detangling hair conditioner that instantly allows hair to feel liberated, hydrated, free. A blend of proteins strengthen, while Babassu seed oil hydrates, leaving your hair weightless, soft and free.Active ingredients:-Blend of proteins - De-stress. A hair protectant that adds strength, manageability and shine to hair.-Shea Butter - Hydrates. A natural extract that works with other ingredients to improve hair’s inner structure.-Babassu Seed Oil - Protects. This oil balances hydration levels, soothing hair.Maintaining optimum hydration is as essential for the body, as for the hair. To avoid dry, brittle and unruly hair, we need to keep our hair hydrated and ensure that it gets the proper care. It’s not only about adding moisture, but also adding essential nutrients to nourish and protect from the sun’s rays, heat and drying effects. Our HYDRATION REGIMEDY drives moisture deep into the hair; to transform by adding flexibility, elasticity and shine.