I.C.O.N. Inner Home Treatment 1000ml

I.C.O.N. Inner Home Treatment 1000ml
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Brand: I.C.O.N.

A super moisturising mask treatment that works from the inside out. Amino acids repair and nourish, while Shea butter moisturises and soothes. Add moisture, manageability and shine to hair with this protein-enriched rinse-out cream. Ideal for dry, brittle and chemically treated hair. Moisture is of the essence. Hydration is the key to survival. It is the key to keeping the body, face, scalp and hair healthy. But, moisturising isn’t enough; you have to lock in the moisture for real hydration. The Hydration Regimedy will saturate and drench your hair, smooth and seal in the cuticle with shea butter and babassu seed oil, while promoting flexibility and elasticity into every hair strand. Heat, dryness and dehydration are obstacles that we all face during the Summer.