Intensive Hair Mask 200 Ml

Intensive Hair Mask 200 Ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Toi

This ultra rich hair mask, based on our well established natural care formulation, brings the natural goodness of abyssinia oil, shea butter & organic argan oil in combination with royal jelly to you. With its deep nourishing & softening function it revives very dry & damaged hair, specifically after chemical treatment & coloration. Ingredients Abyssinia Oil, Shea Butter, Organic Argan Oil, Swiss Forest Honey, Silk Proteins, Royal Jelly, Swiss Organic Oat Extract How to use Scoop a hazel-nut sized amount of our TOI INTENSIVE HAIR MASK and apply the mask carefully on mid-lengths to hair ends of your softly dried off hair. Gently use a wide-tooth comb to perfectly distribute the intensive hair mask and detangle your hair. Twist and wrap the lengths for a deep nourishing effect. Let nature - that comes in this exclusive product in form of ingredients such as Swiss Forest Honey, Silk Proteins and Royal Jelly - do its wonder, while you relax and regenerate for 15-20 minutes. Afterwards rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to avoid any build-up of product in your hair, gently squeeze out excess water and softly dry off your hair. Repeat this rich, deep nourishing treatment once or twice a week, depending on your scalp, your hair condition and of course, the time available.