Kerargan - Castor Oil Mask 500Ml

Kerargan - Castor Oil Mask 500Ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Kerargan

Our hair mask enriched with Castor oil, naturally strengthens and restructures your hair tissue.The concentration of totally natural and organic essential oils; Argan and Ricin oil gives our mask unique, exclusive, restorative, moisturizing and ultra-nourishing properties. It works on several levels of your hair: it soothes, nourishes, thickens, revitalizes your scalp while repairing broken hair and damaged hair breaches. The unique solution of our hair mask releases the necessary nutrients contained in shea butter for the well-being of your hair. With its enrichment in fatty acid and omega 6 and 9, castor oil intensifies the growth of the hair and makes it shiny and dense. Professionalism combined with unparalleled experience and know-how allow us to create products that answer your needs . Our hair mask is part of a range of hair care and is a protective treatment requiring the application of its shampoo and or shampoo of the same category. In this way it will guarantee you an exact and long lasting result in accordance with our requirements, your wishes and needs.