Kerargan - Coconut Oil Mask 500Ml

Kerargan - Coconut Oil Mask 500Ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Kerargan

Our hair mask enriched with Coconut oil and Argan oil combines an exceptional formula to restore your hair to its former shine. It is time to put an end to hair fatality. The unique, hydrating and revolutionary solution of our hair mask releases the necessary nutrients, contained in shea butter, to your hair.Enriched with vitamin K, E and iron, Coco oil repairs, nourishes, accelerates the growth and restores to your hair their shiny, supple and dense appearance as well as a new fragrance.So, find a restructured hair and finally demand of your hair the drive you want. Our hair mask is part of a range of hair care and is a protective treatment requiring prior application of its shampoo and or conditioner of the same range. Thus, it will guarantee you an optimal and durable result in accordance with our requirements, your wishes and needs.