Lazartigue Intensive Repair Hair Conditioner 150ml

Lazartigue Intensive Repair Hair Conditioner 150ml
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Product details
Brand: Lazartigue

Lazartigue Intensive Repair Hair Conditioner contains 92% ingredients of natural origin. Its vegan formula is sulfate and silicone-free.Main natural active ingredients- 100% vegetable keratin: repairs, restructures and protects the hair fibre- Botanical hyaluronic acid: derived from tamarind seed, it hydrates and plumps the hairHAIR DIAGNOSISKeratin is a natural protein that represents 95% of the hair fibre. Essential for the health of the hair, it protects it from aggression by giving it elasticity and shine. Over time and repeated treatments - colouring, brushing, straightening - the keratin is damaged in depth and the hair appears dull, coarse and split ends.Only a targeted treatment based on keratin can restore the fibre structure in depth by providing it with the keratin intake it needs to regain its vitality.Damaged hair is rough, dull. ACTION AND RESULTSWith its highly concentrated formula, the ultra-regenerating silicone-free conditioner enriched with plant-based keratin and tamarind seed extract known to have the same properties as hyaluronic acid, repairs and regenerates hair without weighing it down. Its creamy texture with a botanical fruity fragrance instantly envelops the fibre, repairs and restructures the hair leaving it regenerated, soft and silky.