Moor Crystals Stress Relief Crystal Set

Moor Crystals Stress Relief Crystal Set
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Product details
Brand: Moor Crystals

I have thoughtfully created this crystal set to include some of the most effective crystals for providing support for those experiencing stress. Offering positive energy, protection from negative energy and calming vibrations, these crystal make an ideal gift for anyone with stress. Along with the hand selected crystals within this set you will also receive a crystal description card that explains the meaning and healing energy of the crystals included in relation to how they can help reduce feelings of stress. Your crystals are presented in a bright and colourful silk organza bag that allows you to see your crystals and carry them with you. They can easily be carried in a handbag or pocket to be with you whenever you need them. This Stress Relief Crystal Set Contains: » Moonstone Soothes emotional instability and helps us focus on our intentions, overcoming fear and insecurity » Sodalite Provides emotional balance and encourages rational thought, especially during times of difficulty » Smoky Quartz Increases positive energy and naturally reduces negative energy and feelings » Blue Tigers Eye A protective stone that creates emotional balance and increases our resilience to difficult situations » Further Information