Natura Siberica Blueberry Siberica Anti-Ox Beauty Gift Set

Natura Siberica Blueberry Siberica Anti-Ox Beauty Gift Set
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Product details
Categories: Vitamins,B Vitamins
Brand: Natura Siberica

Blueberries are naturally rich in beta carotene and B vitamins, which add radiance, leaving skin hydrated and smooth. Cream-to-Foam Face Cleanser 75ml: This creamy foam gently removes dirt and makeup from the skin, deeply moisturising, soothing and smoothing the complexion. Super Hydrating Eye Patch-Effect Mask 30ml: This patch effect mask is super-hydrating for the undereye area. It restores skin tone and elasticity, refreshes, erases signs of fatigue and relieves swelling and dark circles. Overnight Renew Face Cream-Mask 30ml: This mask is an overnight super hero, hard at work while you sleep! It helps smooth fine lines and even out skin tone to leave your face looking refreshed and radiant when you wake up. Wild volcanic blueberries, growing in the Taiga wild plains of Siberia, contain a huge amount of valuable antioxidants called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins accelerate skin renewal processes, improving skin tone and elasticity, restoring a healthy complexion. Certified VEGAN by the Vegan Society. Part of our extensive range of highly targeted, head-to-toe beauty products made with powerful wildflowers and herbs. A product of Europe, made in Estonia.