Nivea Men Skin Energy Face Gel Moisturiser 50Ml

Nivea Men Skin Energy Face Gel Moisturiser 50Ml
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Product details
Brand: Nivea

Nivea Men Skin Energy Face Gel Moisturiser - helping to improve skin condition NIVEA MEN Active Energy Revitalising Face Gel is a face wash for men with a fast absorbing and non-sticky formula to help improve skin condition and provide healthy looking skin. Your body needs energy and vitamins each day and so does your face! NIVEA, therefore, has developed an innovative moisturiser for men that charges your skin with invigorating vitamins and minerals. With NIVEA Vitamin+ Complex formula, your skin will receive the energy it needs to be energised, helping you to achieve healthy skin. The gel also provides refreshing moisture with each application and will fight signs of tiredness, giving you face care that can keep up with your busy life. Use twice daily for maximum benefit. For other NIVEA skin care products, such as NIVEA face cream for men, see NIVEA MEN range. Key benefits: - Fights signs of tiredness - Evens skin tone - Improved skin condition - Instantly refreshed skin - Healthy looking skin Energises Skin: NIVEA’s invigorating and moisturising face wash fuels your skin with the energy it needs, whilst also improving the skin’s condition Intensively Moisturises: A facial moisturiser developed to instantly refresh the skin, even your skin tone and fight the signs of tiredness Enhanced Formula: Your skin needs vitamins, so NIVEA’s fast absorbing and non-sticky men’s face wash is packed with the vitamins and minerals you need Normal Skin: Specially developed for men with normal skin to provide and help maintain healthy looking, refreshed skin; helping you look alert and ready for the day