Novexpert Velvety Hydro-Biotic Fluid 30ml

Novexpert Velvety Hydro-Biotic Fluid 30ml
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Product details
Brand: Novexpert

Novexpert Velvety Hydrobiotic Fluid is formulated for sensitive skin, as well as to prevent skin from becoming sensitive. It restores the skin’s hydro-lipic film (which is often stripped away by over cleansing and by the aging process), preventing the loss of valuable moisture from the skin. The skin’s barrier function is repaired, resulting in smooth, moisturised and supple skin. It has added pre and probiotic to restore the skin’s natural flora (often destroyed by over use of chemicals) and added magnesium to calm skin’s neuromediators. A triple effect care: - Hydro: - Fixes water in the stratum corneum - Deacrease epideral water losses - Stimulates the cutaneous lipidic synthesis = Hydro-lipidic layer restored. - Biotic : - Restores your resident cutaneous flora - Limits pathogenic bactéria = Cutaneous Flora restored. - Velvety care - Correct IMMUNE hypersensitivity - Modulate NEURONAL hypersensivity = Cutaneous sensitivity soothed.