Novexpert Velvety Hydrobiotic Cream 30ml

Novexpert Velvety Hydrobiotic Cream 30ml
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Product details
Brand: Novexpert

Velvety Hydro-Biotic Cream by Novexpert is formulated to prevent and soothe the sensitivities of dry skin. With patented anti-aging ingredients, nourishing Omega 3, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and soothing magnesium, Novexpert velvety treatment protects and nourishes sensitive skin. The skin’s hydrolipidic film is repaired, resulting in smooth, hydrated, and supple skin. Key ingredients:Laminaria algae - patented active extract with anti-wrinkle and calming properties Magnesium - antioxidant action; reduces the effects of photo-aging of UVA on the skin Probiotics - protection and biostimulation of natural skin defenses Hyaluronic acid - reduces wrinkles and plumps the skin Sunflower - retains moisture and protects the skin Camelina - rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E; regenerating and anti-ageing Vitamin E - antioxidant; reduces the UVA light photo-aging effects on the skin.