Novexpert Velvety Scrub Hydro-Biotic 60ml

Novexpert Velvety Scrub Hydro-Biotic 60ml
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Product details
Brand: Novexpert

Novexpert gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin and lips. The Velvety Scrub Hydro-Biotic by Novexpert gently exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, and encourage cell turnover in order to smooth the skin.Soothing with its pure magnesium, this creamy scrub preserves the hydrolipidic film, gently refines the skin texture, stimulates blood circulation and restores the skin’s comfort. Expertly formulated for sensitive skin, this organic face scrub exfoliates without irritating and drying out. So gentle that it can be used on lips! Key ingredients:Magnesium - antioxidant action; reduces the effects of photo-aging of UVA on the skin Aloe vera - curative skin properties: healing, cellular regeneration, hydration, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects; soothes daily irritations and redness Probiotics - protection and biostimulation of natural skin defenses Jojoba - super gentle exfoliating action; refines skin texture and smoothness Bamboo - remineralizing and firming properties.