Nutrition Capillaire 3 Mois

Nutrition Capillaire 3 Mois
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Our hair is made up of more than 92% keratin, a protein naturally synthesized by the body. At the nutritional level, keratin is made up of 3 active ingredients “families” : Sulfur amino acids B-group vitamins Minerals (copper, iron, zinc) These active ingredients, which are essential in the creation of keratin, can be consumed as part of a healthy diet. To have beautiful hair, we must consume sufficient quantities of quality active ingredients. The active ingredients consumed then pass into the bloodstream. Each hair bulb is connected to a blood vessel in the scalp and directly takes from the blood what it needs for protein synthesis which is keratin. There are two ways to that the creation and assimilation of keratin can be encouraged: 1- INCREASE THE DAILY INTAKE OF KERATIN’S ACTIVE INGREDIENTS The Hair Growth Complex is a formula rich in the 3 “families” of keratin’s active ingredients: sulphuric amino acids, B-group vitamins and minerals extracted from ultra-targeted plant extracts and powerful natural ingredients. 2- BRING KERATIN DIRECTLY The Pure Keratin contains an excellent quality of natural keratin that has been proven to be highly bioavailable by a clinical study. It is instantly assimilated by your body’s organism, which doesn’t even have to synthesize it itself. It is both possible to choose to maximize hair nutrition through one of these axes, or to combine both for complete, perfect nutrition.