Pilfood Hair And Nails Complex 90 Capsules

Pilfood Hair And Nails Complex 90 Capsules
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Brand: Pilfood

Pilfood Hair and Nails Complex is a unique blend of amino acids, botanicals, vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy hair and nails Pilfood is a Swiss food supplement with amino acids, vitamins and millet extract It directly supplies the hair root with a well-balanced combination of essential nutrients. In order to have strong healthy growing hair, then hair must be fed from the inside. Many types of hair problems originate at the hair root and so appropriate therapy must reach this area. PilFood is a complete preparation that provides the body with the essential nutrients for hair such as sulphurated amino acids and trace elements, however it is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Hair consists of mainly keratin, a hard protein similar to that of our nails. The body cannot directly absorb keratin, but we obtain amino acids (the building blocks of keratin) from our diet. Pilfood provides amino acids, vitamins, and millet extract in a digestible form. This unique formulation has been designed to help safeguard levels of those nutrients vital for the healthy growth of hair and nails Hair growth cycle follows a pattern which is 3 to 7 years. Each follicle, independently of the other, passes through the stages of activity and rest. The anagen or growth phase is longer and lasts between 3 and 7 years, after this phase, the hair stops growing and falls a few weeks later. After a resting phase for a few months, the follicle re-enters activity and begins a new phase of growth. Under normal conditions about 14% of hair is renewed annually. On an adult healthy scalp, between 80-95% of the follicles are in the anagen phase (growth). Personal or external factors (unbalanced diets and/or weight control, stress, excessive exposure to seawater or sun, dyeing or bleaching hair, etc.), can weaken the hair and/or cause fragile and brittle nails. Pill-Food is a supplement that provides: Amino Acids, Minerals Vitamins and other Nutrients: • Zinc helps maintain healthy hair and nails. • Biotin helps to maintain healthy hair. • Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation Pil-food Complex does not contain lactose or gluten, or derivatives of nuts, making it suitable for people suffering of lactose intolerance, celiac disease or allergies to nuts.