PREVIA Energizing Leave-In Lotion 100ml

PREVIA Energizing Leave-In Lotion 100ml
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Energising leave-in Lotion. Daily use. Anti-hair loss*. Stimulating. Invigorating. Counteracts hair thinning. Strengthens roots. Invigorates and stimulates microcirculation in the scalp. Improves skin elasticity. Carries out an astringent emollient action.coadjuvant in the prevention of temporary hair loss. 98% ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming A blend of natural ingredients of vegetable origin with toning and energizing action. 3HC-HAIR STIMULATION COMPLEX (stimulated stem cells from grape berries, bioliequefied eruca sativa, bioliquefied green walnut) - regenerating and energising action, helps to reduce and prevent hair loss prolonging the life cycle of hair. nettle extract - astringent action. Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp It also contains: caffeine, essential tea tree oil, essential lavender oil, piroctone olamine, vitis vinifera leaf and clove extracts. * organic certified ingredient delicate formula with no artificial colours with no ingredients of animal origin sustainable packaging 100% recycled PET bottle 100% recyclable fragrance notes An elixir of sophisticated freshness, debuts with sparkling notes of kumquat and mint, joined by a green rain of ivy leaves and aloe sap. The jasmine heart embraces transparent bamboo and mauve flower nuances with fruity plum accents and spicy white malabar pepper accents. An enveloping watery base, with boisè touches of lebanon cedar and madagascar rosewood. Mate leaves and balsamic cypress balance the jus.