PREVIA Man Wash Energising Cleanser 250ml

PREVIA Man Wash Energising Cleanser 250ml
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Categories: Hair care,Shampoo

Toning body and hair bath with organic absinthe extract and grape stem cells. Ideal for daily use.OLFACTIVE NOTES: A unique journey through the heart of nature. Prestigious, timeless notes inspired by the power and beauty of natural elements. Fruity essences of mandarin and bergamot open the fragrance leading to a magnolia heart and ending with a sensual precious musky and patchouly base. Arthemisia absinthiumArthemisia absinthium, commonly known as Absinthe, is a plant with toning properties. Its qualities allow for the reinvigorating of the skin, purifying of the scalp and the stimulation of microcirculation. The MAN range is enriched with certified organic artemisia absinthium extract, an active principle obtained through extraction based on water, with no added alcohol, parabens and glycerine or any other extraction solvent to guarantee maximum quality, integrity and naturalness.