Proceanis Hyaluron Drink 200ml

Proceanis Hyaluron Drink 200ml
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Product details
Brand: Proceanis

The hyaluron drink of pure, vegan hyaluron. With valuable nutrients and vitamin-rich pomegranate extract, it starts where other cosmetics stop: in depth. And thus promotes the preservation of beautiful skin, hair and nails- for visible freshness and noticeable balance. PROCEANIS use bio-fermentation to produce their hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its innovative molecular structure which consists of a unique combination of high and low molecular weights, our hyaluronic acid complex is easily metabolized and available for the body to use as required, making it an ideal dietary supplement. The natural endogenous active ingredient hyaluron reaches the organism in a natural way through food. According to the principle “you are what you eat”, the PROCEANIS® Hyaluron Drink supports your natural beauty and well-being. Free of artificial sweeteners, flavors and colorants.