Robyn Skincare, Limitless Facial Cream, Bio Retinol Bakuchiol Formula - 50Ml

Robyn Skincare, Limitless Facial Cream, Bio Retinol Bakuchiol Formula - 50Ml
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Brand: Robyn Skincare

AWARD WINNING MOISTURISER The award-winning Robyn Skincare Anti-Ageing Limitless Facial Cream is formulated with a unique two-layered ethos. The completely natural, advanced and clinically proven Bio Retinol active Bakuchiol, plus a powerhouse of multi-faceted skin enriching botanicals. This philosophy provides customers with the best of both worlds; optimum results and skin health, but with zero side effects or restrictions. Sytenol A Bakuchiol, a plant-based retinol, is clinically proven for its anti-ageing, restorative and complexion improving efficacy, and is even suitable for those with sensitive skin. - Reduces line & wrinkle depth by 20% - Significantly improves skin firmness and elasticity - Evens out skin tone and reduces pigmentation - Reduces acne by 58% - Safe for day-time application - Pregnancy safe CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENT & COLLAGEN STIMULATION This high performance natural face cream easily penetrates skin to supply a myriad of protective and regenerative nutrients to exactly where they’re needed. Pomegranate Extract: Helps to protect the epidermis, increase skin circulation, and aid tissue repair. Sytenol A Bakuchiol: Gently promotes skin cell turnover and increases type 1 collagen by 43%, smoothing out lines and wrinkles and delivering a more youthful appearance. Raspberry Seed Oil: Protects skin from age-inducing free radicals, reduces the natural destruction of collagen and calms skin. Squalane: Restores suppleness, and targets the visible signs of ageing caused by UV light. Seabuckthorn Extract: CO2 extracted to preserve its amazing nutrient profile, works to brighten the skin, fade marks and scars, and reinforce the skin barrier essential for maintaining good levels of skin hydration. FIRMER, BRIGHTER & MORE YOUTHFUL LOOKING SKIN Tailored ingredients not only help to nourish, regenerate and restore skin, but to protect skin from day to day environmental aggressors e.g pollution, chemicals, harsh weather and UV light. The Limitless Cream acts as a phytonutrient powerhouse to leave your skin looking and feeling firmer, smoother, and more youthful. Additional skin benefits include improved radiance, decreased inflammation, reduced areas of pigmentation and a clearer complexion. ESSENTIAL SKIN NUTRIENT PROFILE This luxurious and innovative formula contains only the finest quality natural and organic botanical extracts, hydrosols and oils sourced from across the globe. They include properties rich in: - Vitamins: A, B, C, E & K - Minerals: Magnesium & Potassium - Essential Fatty Acids: Linolenic, Linoleic, Palmitoleic & Punicic Acid - Amino Acids: Aspartic Acid, Proline & Threonine - PLUS powerful antioxidant properties: Squalane, Anthocyanins & Ellagic Acid. Our key active Sytenol A Bakuchiol contains antioxidant activity 60X stronger than a-Tocopherol and Resveratrol alone. WELLBEING IS IN OUR NATURE To us, skincare isn’t just about results, but about taking some time out, and looking after the way you feel inside. To help promote a happy and healthy mind we include the citrus and floral aromaceuticals of pink grapefruit and jasmine, which are known to evoke a sense of confidence, positivity and balance. ALL SKIN TYPES All skin types including: Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Combination and Acne prone skin. Non-comedogenic ALL & ONLY NATURAL We believe that effective skincare doesn’t require compromise in the form of harsh, toxic or controversial ingredients. We also choose trust over trade secrets, so always disclose our full list of ingredients. FREE FROM - Artificial Colours - Artificial Fragrance or Parfum - Artificial Preservatives - Phthalates - PEGs - Parabens - Vegan friendly and PETA certified cruelty-free