Siam Seas Butterfly Pea Hair Treatment 236Ml

Siam Seas Butterfly Pea Hair Treatment 236Ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Siam Seas

Siam Seas Butterfly Pea Treatment is ideal for fine, limp hair. This ultra-rich, all-natural conditioner/treatment hybrid is infused with Butterfly Pea, a flower from Thailand that’s been used to strengthen strands since ancient times. Made with a shine-boosting coconut oil base, the formula helps stimulate scalp circulation and fortify roots to give hair a fuller, thicker, more lustrous appearance-all with a soft, floral-infused tropical scent. Siam Seas Hair Treatment is first-ever 100% natural herbal conditioner and hair mask hybrid features a thick, highly concentrated texture that transforms dull, dry strands into lustrous locks. Deeply replenishing formula can be used as a traditional conditioner after shampooing, or savored as an indulgent treatment ritual. Boosted with rare herbal extracts designed to provide powerful, individualised care for whatever result you desire, from richer colour to fuller volume. This product contains no preservatives and no toxins.