SOLIDU Hair Drops for Sensitive Scalp 30ml

SOLIDU Hair Drops for Sensitive Scalp 30ml
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Categories: Hair care,Oil

Unscented hair oil for split ends, dry or frizzy hair with natural argan, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Deeply moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens dry hair, increasing shine and gloss.100% natural hair oil to rescue hair that is dried out, damaged, splitting, frizzy or dull. Naturally effective and luxurious oils are used in this product: argan, jojoba and coconut, without silicones or other petroleum-derived ingredients. This results in a product that is moisturizing and hydrating but will not leave residue or build-up on the hair and is more environmentally friendly than synthetic hair oils. This product doesn’t contain any essential oils or fragrance, and is suitable to use even on sensitive skin and scalp.After shampoo and conditioner, massage a few drops into hair ends to add gloss and shine, to protect the hair from the elements, deeply moisturize and hydrate.In this hair oil, we blend argan oil with jojoba oil and natural silicone substitutes derived from coconut.Both argan and jojoba oils are high in nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, and vital fatty acids, which can help to repair damaged hair, enhance hair and scalp health. At the same time, it offers moisture and hydration without a sticky feel. Natural coconut-derived esters will give your hair silky finish and create a barrier on the hair surface, helping your hair to decrease moisture loss. Vitamin E helps to support a healthy scalp and hair, as it has natural antioxidant effects.