T-LAB Professional Kera Shot Shampoo 750ml

T-LAB Professional Kera Shot Shampoo 750ml
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Brand: T-LAB Professional

For tired, chemically treated, faded hair with split ends and other types of hair that need deep reconstruction and vitalization.Paraben-free, SLES FREE, up to 97% of natural origin ingredients, including organic oils and organic extracts.Unique Natural Complex:-Keratin restores and strengthens the hair cuticles and makes the hair smooth, shiny and resistant to adverse environmental factors. -Sea Collagen Active is a protein building material that fills damaged areas of the hair from the inside. It works to reinforce the hair’s structure and makes the hair shaft stronger and thicker. -Stem Cells fill the hair with vitality, and return its strength and shine. They enhance the effectiveness of the active ingredients and have a powerful anti-aging effect.