VIVI Organic Malt Hair Shampoo 250g

VIVI Organic Malt Hair Shampoo 250g
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Shampoo
Brand: VIVI

VIVI Organic Malt Hair Shampoo is made of organic surfactants, enriched with extract of malt, amino acids and natural moisturizing agents. Gentle washing substances foam well and have great washing properties without causing scalp skin irritation or hair dryness and therefore are suitable for daily use. Natural betaine, sodium lactate, lactic acid, D-Panthenol and succinic acid moisturize scalp and hair and can be helpful with their healthier, shinier look Malt extract has particularly great softening and conditioning properties for scalp and hair as well as naturally highlights their dark shades. Neroli essential oil composes a pleasant shampoo`s aroma as well as strengthens hair and is energizing.