Waterclouds Creator Fiber Cream 200ml

Waterclouds Creator Fiber Cream 200ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair Styling,Volume
Brand: Waterclouds

r Waterclouds Professional hair care range has been developed with the aid of advanced research to give you the very best in hair care. All of the products contain specially selected ingredients that stimulate both hair and scalp. Waterclouds gives your hair volume, shine, texture and has a moisturizing effect that preserves your hair’s natural lustre and prevent static electricity. Waterclouds stands for knowledge, quality and confidence.rr Waterclouds Creator is a cream wax that works best with short to shoulder length hair.rr Waterclouds Creator is easy to style without being sticky.r r Use. Apply to dry or towel-dried hair and style to the desired style.r