Wella SP Reverse Regenerating Hair Mask 150ml

Wella SP Reverse Regenerating Hair Mask 150ml
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Product details
Brand: Wella SP

Wella SP Reverse Regenerating Hair Mask, This deep-acting mask regenerates sustainably stressed, damaged hair and gives it elasticity, suppleness and a wonderful shine. With an intense anti-frizz protection. Thanks to the benefits of SP Reverse, the hair is easier to style, more supple and shiny.The reverse vitamin complex:BIOTIN: Strengthens hair and nails.PANTHENOL: Moisturizer very effective for the hair.VITAMIN A: cell growth and cell differentiation, prevents cell oxidation.VITAMIN E: Antioxidant, reacts to free radicals. Prevents irreversible damage to hair.VITAMIN F: Known as the essential fatty acid. Helps nourish cells and is important for a healthy appearance of hair and skin.CAFFEINE: Penetrates well in the skin and has a positive effect on the scalp, which is related to the metabolism of the pulp and stimulating the growth of hair follicles.