Natural Pouty Lips

How To Get Natural Pouty Lips

We’ve seen it everywhere. From celebrities to influencers, luscious and fuller lips have become a must-try trend. If you’re gifted with pouty lips, then you’re lucky you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to get lip fillers. Some people would go for injections and enhancement fillers for instant pouty lips. But if you want to do it in the simplest way, natural lip plumper home remedies should do the trick. We’ve got some of the best remedies for you to try, as these are the most convenient and available remedies currently on the market.

From skin care products to makeup trends and facial exercises, these home remedies are effective enough to give you natural pouty lips for a perfect selfie.

Natural pouty lips

How To Get Pouty Lips Naturally With Exercise

Getting toned abs is done through ab workouts. It takes time and consistency to achieve the way we want our muscles to look. It goes the same way with our facial muscles. We can exercise the muscles on our faces to achieve a certain look.

Exercise your lips by whistling to activate your lip muscles and stimulate collagen production. You can also make a kissing pose and hold for a few seconds to help your muscles create a perfect pout, toning the muscles in the area. Lastly, move your lips from side to side and rotate them. Do this every day and repeat as needed.

Exfoliation And Hydration Are The Key

For you to get glowing lips, the very first thing you need to do is exfoliate. This helps to remove the dead skin cells and bring out new skin around your lips. Exfoliation helps increase blood circulation, which helps create a healthy glow, making your lips appear fuller.

Once your lips get exfoliated, you’ll need to hydrate and moisturize to lessen the wrinkly parts of the lips. Use lip masks or lip hydration creams to do the job. The best way to hydrate is simply by drinking water. It’s the most inexpensive skincare routine, so make sure you get enough for the day. If you don’t hydrate enough, your lips will look dehydrated and will shrivel up.

Natural pouty lips

Makeup Hacks To Achieve Fuller Lips

Natural pouty lips

An old trick in the book is overlining your lips with a lip liner and your favourite lipstick. After applying foundation or powder to your face, start by tracing the shape of your lips. Do this by tracing slightly outside your lip line, but don’t overdo it. You still want to make it look naturally pouty and not look like a clown with big lips.

Once the lips are traced, complete the look by topping it off with lipstick. You can also add gloss on top to make it look fuller and healthy. So, that’s how you get natural pouty lips with simple drugstore makeup and a proper skin care regimen. Now, you can relax with a drink or two of Life Martini and not worry about your lips.