11 Effective Home Remedies For Irregular Periods

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byCarole/ 27 Sep 2020

11 Effective Home Remedies For Irregular Periods

Irregular periods are like a nightmare in a woman’s life. They not just cause stress and tension, but at times they might signal something serious like oligomenorrhea. Irregular periods is not just mission period or the occurrence of period twice in a cycle, but it is early, delayed, heavy, scanty period as well.

Factors are many behind the bodily trouble, yet the few common ones are bad diet, malnutrition, abnormal weight loss, excessive tension, anorexia, improper consumption of birth control pills and sometimes, PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome as well. All these cause the skipping of periods or everything else, which has been underlined above.

Although, the stress revolving the issue is immense, there are ways to treat the abnormality with some home remedies.

Best Home Remedies For Irregular Periods

Bitter Gourd

If diabetes is all you had heard, when you watched people consume the juice of the bitter vegetable, then you need to hear the good news. The juice of bitter gourd is equally effective in treating irregular periods in a woman’s body as well. The juice helps to regulate the hormonal cycles and brings periods back to normalcy, without disrupting the other metabolic functions.

Drink Cumin Seeds Water

A liter of water with a handful of cumin seeds is also quite a potent remedy to bring on the onset of periods. The cum seeds are believed to regularize the cycle, by heating up the body and unblocking the vessels, thereby improving the flow of clogged blood and bringing the periods back to its natural states.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant for good! Right from treating the superficial skin to the hidden ailments, lying underneath the skin, the plant does miracle everywhere. The irregular periods can be easily brought on by the sap of this wonder plant in no time! Be it delayed or skipped periods, consume the sap of the plant at least a day or two before the calculated date of your menses, and you will be glad for it!

Green Unripe Papaya

Whenever you have stomach ache or a specific digestive problem, have you heard of people consuming green unripe papaya? Well it is good to treat an upset tummy as well as an upset menstrual cycle too! Eat boiled, mashed or simply raw, the fruit does wonders to the body and brings on the menses back!

Fennel Seeds

Sipping on water, boiled with fennel seeds, just like cumin seeds, is a good way of treating irregular menstrual cycles. These not just help in bringing on the cycle to normalcy, but also aid in soothing an otherwise flushed and irritated tummy, which often goes haywire during periods.

Go Ayurvedic

Several ayurvedic remedies or ingredients are known to cure the irregular period’s problem. Manjishtha is a herb, which is quite potent in treating the disorder. It is believed that drinking a potion of the herb, everyday, will always keep the woman’s body metabolism prim and proper and will not cause any problems at all. This will not just help in regularizing the menstrual blood flow, but also in correcting the blood deficiency or Anemia problem, if any.

Yoga, Especially Pranayams Have The Cure

Pranayams or the routine breathing techniques might sound more like purifying the body, but they do purify literally. Women will find it beneficial, if they indulge in pranayams, especially kapalbhati pranayam for 15-20 minutes twice a every day. If twice a day, seems quite tedious, stick to the breathing exercise at least once a day, regularly, to allow the effects to sink in. This will help to regularize the blocked or impure blood and will channelize the period blood flow in a routine regular manner.

Cilantro Or Coriander Leaves

A handful of cilantro leaves or coriander leaves, do justice in starting the blood flow associated with menses. Boil the leaves in 500 ml of water till the volume becomes half. Sip it on, a day or two before your calculated date of menses. This remedy will help to regulate the menstrual cycle quickly.

Buttermilk Remedy For The Curd Lovers

If you love curd, then you have all the more reasons to celebrate. Women, with irregular period troubles can consume buttermilk and add a few radish seeds into it. The seeds should be made into a paste before adding it in buttermilk. A simple curd, mixed with a little water or milk and served with a pinch of cumin seeds, powdered, salt, and a few ginger juliennes will also be a good recipe for buttermilk with radish seeds.

Neem Is A Natural Purifier

Neem is known to be a natural blood purifies. Maybe it’s because of this property that many women like to drink a concoction of neem, as in water boiled with neem leaves, as a tonic. Drinking a cup of hot infusion of neem bark thrice a day, preferably, after about 20 minutes of the main meal, is a good way to regularize one’s menstrual cycle. You can continue the remedy, until cured or until you witness bleeding via periods.

Fruits Lovers Will Love Grape Juice Remedy

Drinking a cup or glass of freshly made grape juice every day is a good way of regularizing the onset of menses. This will help the body to cleanse and purify, regulating the blood flow properly. Drink this fruit juice and keep your cycle active and kicking!

While you do everything that has been cited by way of food, drink or exercise, make sure you don’t do the contradictory. This would mean avoiding stress, pain and unnecessary tension in any way. Whether it’s excessive exercising or excessive stress through work, try and curb the both, to prevent worsening the situation. Also do not pop in any pill mindlessly, while you practice the natural home cures. These might interfere and worsen the condition. All these self-prescribed drugs should be avoided and if at all, it has to be taken, it should be only after the doctor’s prescription.