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byCarole/ 19 Jul 2020


Frostbite occurs when the extreme cold alters blood circulation and damage the skin and other tissue. The areas affected by frostbite are commonly the extremities like nose, ears, toes, cheeks, and fingers. Cold temperature and low blood flow in body causes frostbite. Softening of skin is one of the main symptoms of illness.

In some of the cases of frostbite only the skin is frozen known as frostnip; and if frostbite is not treated immediately the damages of tissue may be remain permanently. It requires careful medical attention to minimize damage and reduce the further harm. There are lot of natural remedies that are helpful in frostbite. Some of the best are specified below for curing the problem completely.


Aloe Vera

This is one of the commonly used home remedies and found to be very efficient in the treatment of frostbite as well as other skin disease. A small amount of fresh aloe vera gel can be applied on the affected area of skin. Aloe Vera has calming and soothing properties that give a cooling effect on the frostbite area.

Tea Bags

Tea has a cooling effect and thus is used as a great natural remedy for burns and bites. You can drop 10 tea bags into a gallon of hot water and leave aside, once steeped for about 15 minutes take the tea bags and apply on the affected area generously. You can also apply the water on the frostbitten areas once the liquid comes to room temperature. This practice soothes the skin and help to improve blood circulation to the affected area.

Cayenne Paper

It is also known as hot red chilli pepper and is one of the best home remedy in cases of frostbite. Consuming cayenne paper is also very helpful in several other diseases like stomach ache and constipation. In case of frostbites, it instantly reduces the pain and burning effect as it increases the blood circulation in the area.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is very important in the treatment of frostbite. Having a cup of ginger tea (measuring around 200 ml) once in a day is found very helpful in healing the ailment by increasing the blood circulation. It also has antibacterial effect thus prevents any possibility of infections and further complications.

Banana Peel

By covering the affected area of skin caused by frostbite is helpful and reduces swelling. Banana peels have cooling effect thus it soothes the affected area and is considered as one of the easiest home remedy in case of frostbite. It can also be mashed and mixed with ginger, then applied to the affected area for magical results. There are many more natural remedies that can be tried out to cure frostbite like using the onion poultice on the affected area, application of olive oil and so on. Alcohol consumption and smoking should be completely prohibited in such situations as they are seen to aggravate the situation by reducing blood circulation in the body.