5 Easy Steps To Make Iced Coffee At Home

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byCarole/ 09 Jun 2019

5 Easy Steps To Make Iced Coffee At Home

There is nothing like a cuppa of chilled iced coffee to help you get through the summer days. You stop at your favourite coffee outlets to sip on the iced versions because not only do they recharge you, but they also provide you with a coolness that you need. But why do you want to pay a fortune for that coffee when you can make the same at home, with minimal ingredients and costs.

Here Are Steps To Make Simple, Iced Coffee At Home

Step One- Brew The Coffee

Now if you want to use fresh beans and brew your own coffee then do it. Go ahead and put the beans in the brewer and let it simmer. Alternatively, if you want to use instant coffee that works wonders too. All that you need to do is take about 2 small spoons of coffee (you can increase or decrease the amount depending on how bitter you want it) and then stir with about 1/5th cup of hot water. Mix well so that you can get awesome froth.

Step Two- Prep Milk And Sugar

The next step here would be to prep the milk and sugar. For one regular sized glass of the iced coffee you will need about 3/4th cup of skimmed or full fat milk. You will need about 2 tablespoons of sugar here. However, remember that you will also be adding ice.

Step Three- Mix Ice And Other Ingredients

The next step here would be assembling the ingredients for the coffee together. Take lots of crushed or whole ice cubes. Put the coffee, milk, sugar, etc. in the blender and mix well till you get thick and luscious coffee. You can leave bigger ice chunks if you want. Give it a taste to add more sugar or coffee if you want to alter the taste.

Step Four- Pouring In Glass

If you are pouring it in a glass to serve, then decorate the glass with a straw or a swirl of chocolate. Pour the coffee with the froth to make it look better.


You can add some ice cream instead of more ice to make it fatter and thicker. Cocoa powder or mint can be used to create more variations of the basic recipe of iced coffee.