5 Effective Nutritional Drinks Available In India

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byCarole/ 13 Oct 2019

5 Effective Nutritional Drinks Available In India

India has a rich variety of nutritional drinks which are available. Just if you talk about the various homemade nutritional beverages; there are plenty of them. India being a diverse country you will find different varieties of nutritional beverages as per different cuisines. These homemade drinks include Lassi which is sweetened and flavoured yoghurt, chaas which is again made of yoghurt but is salty and full of spices, Aam panna a wonderful nutritious and health drink made of raw mango and some herbs and the list is literally never ending. However keeping the home made drinks aside let us have a look at the top 5 marketed nutritional drinks available in India.

These Are Nutritional Drinks Available In India

Glucon D

Glucon D as the name tells you, is dry powdered mix containing glucose and other electrolytes and fortifying agents. You simply have to mix 1-2 tablespoons in water as per your requirement and drink it cold for instant energy. It comes in different flavors and is easy to use on the go.

Amul Kool And Other Milk Sweetened Beverages

Amul has an entire range of milk and dairy beverages which are healthy, nutritious and readily available in stores. These healthy drinks can replace the colas for a better health benefit. Some of the very famous nutritional beverages marketed by Amul is the Amul Kool range which has different flavored milks (chocolate, coffee, strawberry etc.)

Horlicks Lite

Horlicks like is a powder to be added in milk which forms a nutritious health energy boosting drink. It takes care of your daily energy requirement and is best if you consume it daily along with a glass of milk.


ProteinX is a very old brand of protein supplement powder which can be used by adults. Its use is not restricted to body building purposes. The average Indian diet usually doesn’t meet the adequate protein requirement and thus a protein supplement is a must. ProteinX must be taken with milk for best results.


Boost again is a very popular energy drink, which is to be taken with milk. It is very nutritious fulfilling your daily nutrition need. Boost has various ranges of products which are designed for people of different age groups.

Make the full use of these wonderful tasty yet nutritious health drinks available in India; stay fit stay healthy.