31St State The Core Four - Set

31St State The Core Four - Set
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Product details
Brand: 31st State

Tackle the most frequently-asked-about teenage grooming concerns-irritated skin, acne, and smelly pits-from all angles with this best-selling set. Perfect for the guy who wants to take a test run of what 31st State has to offer. Includes a canvas wash bag to help him get organised along the way. Features a selection of our hero products that help control body odor, purify and cleanse skin of dirt, oil and bacteria, and prevent and treat pesky acne. Powered by active, natural ingredients from Mother Nature such as lactic acid, silver, copper, magnesium, manuka, tea tree and zinc. 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash - 250ml Foaming Face Wash - 150ml Overnight Clearing Pads - 50 Roll-on Deodorant - 50ml