Amphora Aromatics Mandarin & Patchouli Super Hydrating Face Cream Cosmos Organic 60Ml

Amphora Aromatics Mandarin & Patchouli Super Hydrating Face Cream Cosmos Organic 60Ml
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Brand: Amphora Aromatics Limited

Amphora Aromatics Mandarin & Patchouli Super Hydrating Face Cream COSMOS Organic 60ml Moisturise and Plump. Brighten and Firm. Psychderm Calming Skincare. Cosmos Organic. A deeply hydrating organic cream with a long-lasting moisturising and calming effect leaving skin looking bright. Packed with multiple layers of butters, oils, youth boosters and uplifting natural substances to nourish and rejuvenate. The dual-action formula prevents moisture loss leaving a luminous filmogen on the skin’s surface. The luxurious texture protects against dry, moisture sapping environments, for skin that feels firm and intensely nourished. Notice a calming and uplifting effect from the myorelaxant, a neuro-cosmetic and muscle relaxant, to encourage mindful self-care. The botox alternative ingredient is a natural anaesthetic that reduces the appearance of expression lines; the skin’s surface is smoothed and facial contours lifted. Be an organic beauty, with radiant skin that feels cool and calm to the touch. Benefit from aromatherapy infused organic skincare, the psychderm formula works to calm the mind and nervous system as well as treat the skin. Breath in the delicious blend of essential oils; Mandarin, Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Orange, and Lavender. Aromatherapy a neurotransmitter stimulant, promotes immediate wellbeing as the enlivening aroma of the sophisticated blend elevates the senses. All skin types. Vegetarian friendly and cruelty free. 99% natural origin and 85% organic ingredients. Made in England. INGREDIENT BENEFITS Advanced Naturals: Acmella Oleracea Extract - sourced from a small yellow flower in Madagascar that blossoms all year long. With natural anaesthetic properties it is traditionally used as a spice and medicinal plant. A natural muscle relaxant and neuro-cosmetic with anaesthetic properties for a subtle numbing sensation and natural buzz. Clinical trials revealed a significant reduction in skin roughness from day 1 of use, from day 14 of use plumping effect on facial contours, and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Propanediol - derived from corn, it enhances penetration of the other natural ingredientsXanthan Gum - a thickening ingredient, creating a smooth texture with a silky slip on contact with the skin. Cell-Rejuvenating Essential Oils: Mandarin - improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin. Promotes the growth of new cells and tissues with a brightening effect. Patchouli - soothing and cooling effect. Anti-bacterial with astringent and cleansing properties. Rose Geranium - toning and balancing effect, improving overall skin tone. Ylang Ylang - balances sebum production and soothes inflammation. Orange Oil - a cheerful scent that immediately lifts the spirits. Astringent and toning effect, leaving the skin plumped and refreshed. Lavender Oil - skin balancing and soothing. Relaxes and quietens the mind. Skin Friendly Naturals: Shea Butter - an ivory-coloured fat that’s whipped into a rich butter. Intensely nourishing it contains oleic acid, a saturated fatty acid highly compatible with the skin’s natural sebum. Borage Flower Oil - a herbal remedy with bright blue flowers. The seeds when pressed yield an oil rich in linolenic acid, a compound that soothes and calms irritations. Rosehip Oil - rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, rosehip oil offers natural antioxidant properties. With a slight astringency rosehip oil soaks easily into the skin. Sunflower Oil - cold pressed oil high in antioxidant vitamin E, incredibly soothing leaving skin bright and smooth looking. Aloe Vera - cooling effect, encouraging a natural balance, and reduces redness.