Beardburys Hair Care Set for Him

Beardburys Hair Care Set for Him
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Product details
Brand: Beardburys

Set contains:- Beardburys Fresh Shampoo 330ml. Shampoo with menthol extract creating a refreshing sensation for the scalp. Ideal for using after exercise, also due to its purifying thyme. Its formula, rich in Aloe vera, conditions hair leaving it softer and nourished. Free from parabens.- Beardburys Freeze Conditioner 330ml. Refreshing conditioner based on citrus fruits and essential acids with moisturizing and toning action. Hair is left soft, hydrated and free of frizz. It can be used after shampooing for a fresh effect and to boost hydration, or before using Vital anti-dandruff shampoo to allow its humectant action to prepare the scalp.- Beardburys Strong Hair Pomade 100ml. Create natural, flexible styles or use a comb for even greater definition. It is water-soluble and easily removed by washing, leaving no traces of product. Fixation 4/5Shine 5/5