Brave New Hair Growth Root Spray 100ml

Brave New Hair Growth Root Spray 100ml
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Product details
Brand: Brave New Hair

Root Spray that promotes scalp’s microcirculation & hair growth, minimizes hair loss.0% Silicone, Synthetic dyesRegistered by the vegan society. Enriched with Green Grapes Stem Cell Culture, Argula Extract, Green Walnut Extract, Amla Extracts and Salvia and Rosemary Essential Oils. Green Grapes stem cells are powerful antioxidants, which help to stimulate microcirculation. Arugula extract soothes and calm irritated scalp improving its capacity to recover after stress. Green walnut protects hair & skin from free radicals of the environment. Amla extract protects the scalp from aging and miniaturization of hair follicles. Essential oils represent a powerful source of vitamins and minerals promoting hair growth. Our ingredients work in synergy to stimulate hair growth, minimize hair loss and strengthen hair in just 3 weeks.