Elgon Colorcare Re-Animation Pack 500ml

Elgon Colorcare Re-Animation Pack 500ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Elgon

Elgon Colorcare Re-Animation Pack is the nutrient and moisturising mask for hair that is overworked from haircolor and bleaching services and that: - Enhances the hair’s fibre without weighing it down; - Tonifies, makes the hair soft and brilliant; - Gives new life to the haircolor.Product is ideal for hair made dull and stressed by technical services. Colored, stained or damaged hair.Re-Animation Pack is also a part of ColorCare, a product line that aids hairstylists to keep the color in hair alive. Designed for professionals, ColorCare includes products to be used before, during and after haircolor and bleaching services, protecting hair and scalp.