Lazartigue Huile Des Rêves Dry Oil 50Ml

Lazartigue Huile Des Rêves Dry Oil 50Ml
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Categories: Hair care,Mask

Inspired by beauty rituals enriched with pure botanical oils, Lazartigue has created the 1st silicone-free and natural-origin oil that nourishes the fibre, enhances the hair and gives intense shine without an oily finish. At its heart is a nourishing treasure: the Nectar des Rêves. This calibrated blend of the most precious natural oils includes highly nourishing Argan oil, softening Apricot oil, strengthening Camellia oil and repairing Egyptian Geranium oil. Its fluid texture and fresh floral fragrance gently envelop the hair. In one oil, 4 professional uses: - Before shampoo on dry hair to nourish and soften, - Before blow-drying to detangle and soften, - After blow-drying to add shine to hair, - Leave on all night as a hair mask for deep nourishment. 95% of ingredients are from natural origin. Cruelty-Free, Mineral-Oil Free, Silicon-Free. Vegan Certified. Made in France