Lazartigue Nourish Light Hair Mask with Soy Oil 250ml

Lazartigue Nourish Light Hair Mask with Soy Oil 250ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Lazartigue

Lazartigue Nourish Light Strengthening Hair Mask with Soy - repair, protect and nourish your hair with this hair mask with essential Soybean Oil - moisturise, strengthen, vitalise and densify very fine hair.The Nourish Light Mask contains 92% ingredients of natural origin.Its vegan formula is sulfate and silicone free.Main natural active ingredients:- Soybean oil: nourishes and strengthens the fiber without weighing it downHAIR DIAGNOSISDry hair is deficient in essential lipids. When this happens, the hydro-lipid film which normally acts as a protective barrier is absent and hair feels rough. External factors like sun, pollution, blow-drying and straightening worsen this deficiency. Hair is dull, brittle and frizzy. A specific nutritional care is essential to avoid weighing down fine hair.ACTION AND RESULTSThis Nourish Light mask by Lazartigue contains just the right dose of soybean oil to nourish dry and fine hair. Its creamy texture coats the fiber to hydrate hair without weighing it down. Hair becomes strengthened and revitalized, the regaining suppleness and lightness. Designed with the greatest respect for the environment, this botanical mask is vegan certified.