Garnier Cocoa Butter Hair Mask 390Ml

Garnier Cocoa Butter Hair Mask 390Ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Garnier

Hangry Hair? Dig into Garnier Cocoa Butter Hair Mask to nourish and condition your hangry hair. Its soft melting texture instantly absorbs into hair with no weigh down. There are 3 ways to enjoy this 3-in-1 intensive hair treatments: As a pre-shampoo: apply on dry hair before shampoo for 10mins max to ease detangling A deep conditioner: apply on wet hair for 3mins to restore and detangle your curls without weigh down As a rinse-out hair mask treatment: apply on wet hair, leave for 3 to 5mins and rinse thoroughly for intensely nourished, restored, bouncy curls Discover our full Cocoa Butter Hair Food range and try our Cocoa Butter Shampoo, Conditioner and 3-in-1 Hair Treatment for Dry, Curly hair. *Vegan Formula: no animal ingredients or by-products.